The Safety Team, Inc.

     Big part of our customer-base has been acquired through outstanding referrals from property managers, property owners, and directors of buildings. We have found many customers appreciate the efficiency and timesaving benefits of using our company because of our comprehensive capabilities.

     For many years, we have serviced multiple facilities in the Seattle-Metro area’s like high rises, industrial facilities, retirement communities, restaurants, apartment, condominium complexes, school districts, retail stores, etc.

     The Safety Team, Inc. offers a team approach to fire protection safety. We know that your life safety equipment it is a serious matter, we understand that concept. We take pride on our work and we feel confident that we can be your partners in all your compliance needs.

     If you would like to consolidate your all your fire protections needs under a single contract and a single visit, please feel free to contact us at (206) 762-1450 or fill out the form below with any immediate needs.

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